Repairing snow balls with a bubble

I am often asked how to get air bubbles from snow globes. Here I show the different possibilities.

plastic snow globes: often have a fill opening below, through which you can simply fill new (distilled!) Water. The easiest way is to use a syringe. It is best to spray directly into the air bubble.

Snow Globes with Music Box: For this I have a video!

The video shows how to repair a snow globe with a bubble. It is important that the snow globe has a music box below, otherwise you will not get to the inner life of the ball.

First you have to remove the music box, put on glue sticks and wait a little.
Then add water to the edge of the rubber with a syringe. Do not use distilled water. The video shows exactly how it works.

Glass snow globe without music box: Here you have to glue the glass ball from the base with Klebelöser. Then you go the same way, as with the variant with music box. At the end, fill the filled ball back into the base.

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