Repairing glass snow globe

To repair a glass snow globe with replacement glass

I am often asked about how to repair a broken snow globe. Until now, this has been difficult or impossible for glass-cutting balls since there were hardly any replacement balls in the right shape and size in the German market. Now we have these glasses for repairing.

The Schneekugelhaus now offers replacement glass (only glass with sealing rubber) or complete Bastelsets (glass, sealing rubber and base).
Starting materials:
– Object that comes into the sphere
– closure rubber (graft)
– Base
– Replacement ball
– Snow or glitter
– Water clear
– Distilled water
– water-proof silicone adhesive, transparent neutral

First, you must loosen the rubber plug down from the glass remnants. Usually, the rubber is not strongly attached, so it is sufficient to push it upwards with a pointed object (eg a tinker).

Then the remaining glass inside the base must be removed. In the ideal case, the old rubber plug can be reused for the new snow globe. For this, of course, the dimensions of the graft must correspond exactly with the foot mass of the glass ball. If these do not fit, remove the inner mold from the rubber and glue it onto the new rubber.
This must then be firmly welded to the sealing rubber. An adhesive, which is not water-soluble, is required for the fastening. The best experiences I have so far made with a silicone glue or a marine glue (used for sailing boats).

When the glue is dried, fill the snow or glitter into the glass ball and fill it with distilled water. Place the ball in the opposite direction. Add a drop of rinse and a few drops of water. The drop of detergent prevents the snow from clumping, making the water clear that the water tilts. Then press the rubber lock from above firmly into the ball. You can then refill some water with a syringe at the edge so that no air is left in the ball at the end, otherwise there is an air bubble when the ball is tilted. Then let the ball stand a bit and wait for a bubble to form. Possibly water spray.

Finally, the ball is rotated and glued from above into the base. Here you can use the silicone adhesive or a special glue for glass and porcelain. To the products

You can find the photo of a customer here.

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