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Repairing glass snow globe

To repair a glass snow globe with replacement glass I am often asked about how to repair a broken snow globe. Until now, this has been difficult or impossible for glass-cutting balls since there were hardly any replacement balls in the right shape and size in the German market. Now we have these glasses for […]

Repairing snow balls with a bubble

I am often asked how to get air bubbles from snow globes. Here I show the different possibilities. – plastic snow globes: often have a fill opening below, through which you can simply fill new (distilled!) Water. The easiest way is to use a syringe. It is best to spray directly into the air bubble. […]

Defective bullet obtained from the USA

The customer is an enthusiastic collector of Disney snow balls. Since these are often only to be bought in the USA, they have to make the long way to Germany. This ball came with broken glass. But with the replacement glass from the Schneekugelhaus the ball could be completely restored.