About Schneekugelhaus

The founder, Martina Schimmel, has been an enthusiastic collector of snow globes for years.
Schneekugelhaus is the first specialist supplier and manufacturer of snow globes. Since 2009, Schneekugelhaus has been designing its own designs and developing ideas for the gift and souvenir sector. For example, souvenir snow globes are manufactured for the arts and cultural cities in Germany, which are sold in well-stocked souvenir shops. For the lovers of individual snow globes, the Schneekugelhaus has developed various kit sets for plastic and glass snow globes. These are distributed through the creative trade. Schneekugelhaus produces individual snow globes as advertising articles for companies and advertising agency agencies.
In the Onlineshop of Schneekugelhaus, both the company’s own products as well as selected snow globes from other manufacturers are available directly.
At the office in Würzburg-Rottenbauer, customers can also pick up the orders directly. You have to order by e-mail and indicate that you want to pick up and pay cash. We do not have a sales shop, the snow balls are packed with us in the shelf. Please note that this is the office for the processing of online orders. In the autumn, we have all hands full, so the orders leave our warehouse quickly. Unfortunately there is no time for advice. The office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.
The address: Würzburger Straße 5, 97084 Würzburg

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